Here's how we're running over Christmas and New Year


Christmas isn't just about turkey and mince pies. Well, OK, so a few mince pies will be consumed. But there's lots of other amazing things going on across Yorkshire - and there's no better way of getting there than by bus. 

Here's a handy summary of how our buses are running over Christmas and New Year.


Thursday 27 December
Saturday service

Friday 28 December
Saturday service

Saturday 29 December
Saturday service

Sunday 30 December
Normal Sunday service

Monday 31 December
Saturday service, with the last buses shown below

Tuesday 1 January
No service

Wednesday 2 January
Buses return to normal

Route and last bus on New Year's Eve

1830 Keighley to Laycock
1845 Laycock to Keighley

K2 K3    
1916 Keighley to Braithwaite
1925 Braithwaite to Keighley

1938 Keighley to Thwaites Brow
1950 Thwaites Brow to Keighley

1930 Keighley to Wheathead Lane
1937 Wheathead Lane to Keighley

2005 Keighley to Oakworth
2017 Oakworth to Keighley

1952 Keighley to Bracken Bank
2000 Bracken Bank to Keighley

1910 Keighley to Leeds
1940 Leeds to Keighley

2025 Keighley to Ilkley
2013 Ilkley to Keighley
1840 Otley to Pool& Leeds Bradford Airport
1817 Pool to Otley & Keighley

Dalesway 66
1910 Keighley to Skipton
1950 Skipton to Keighley

1900 Keighley to Bradford
2000 Bradford to Keighley

Brontëbus B2
1835 Keighley to Oakworth
1901 Oakworth to Keighley

Brontëbus B3
1935 Keighley to Oxenhope
2000 Oxenhope to Keighley

1925 Keighley to Bradford
2020 Bradford to Keighley

Wharfedale Links 965
1855 Otley to Wharfedale Hospital
1905 Wharfedale Hospital to Otley

All of our other routes will run as normal.

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