Diversion on the K5 around Parkwood Flats


We're making a temporary change to the route of the K5 around Parkwood Flats from Wednesday 5 April. 

At the moment, buses are being caught up in the construction works taking place at the Parkwood Flats. Buses are regularly running late as the construction traffic is often blocking the road, so it's become neccessary to change the route whilst the work is ongoing.

As a result, buses on the K5 in both directions will miss out the stops along Parkwood Rise, running along Park Lane instead of Parkwood Rise.

The diversion will be in place for the forseeable future whilst the works are taking place. Once the construction work begins to wind down, buses will able to get back to using the normal route. 

We're sorry for any inconvenience this might cause - follow and tweet us @keighleybus.