The Shuttle 662 Singles and Returns

Single tickets

A single fare is the fare for a one-way journey, purchased from the driver when you board the bus. You can buy a single ticket from the stop where you board to any other stop on the same bus route, and through Single Fares are also available to some other points on selected routes. A single fare is the fare that the bus driver will automatically charge if you do not request any other type of ticket, or present a pre-purchased ticket, or discount pass or permit.

Day Return tickets

Available on most bus routes, a day return ticket can be purchased on the bus, for two journeys, the one you are making, and one later journey in the reverse direction, on the same day.

Day Return tickets are available at any time of day, between any two stops on the same bus route.

Peak Fares

Apply on Mondays to Fridays at the following times:

* Peak Single Fares - before 0930 and between 1500 and 1800
* Peak Return Fares - before 0930

Off-peak Fares

Off-peak fares are typically the same price as peak fares except for some of the longer journeys.

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