The Keighley Bus Company Ride all day

If you're a regular traveller, or you need to make more than one trip on the same day - we've got just the ticket for you.


Travel all around Keighley, all day for just £3!

K ZONE is incredible value if you just need to travel in and around Keighley. Use your day ticket to work, to the shops, to grab a bite to eat...and pass it on to a friend when you're done! 

You can use your K ZONE ticket on any of our buses within Keighley, including on the Keighley Jets, theSHUTTLE, Aireline and on Mainline M4, too. 


Travel all day, as many times as you like on any Keighley Bus Company bus!

K DAY costs just £4.30 (£4.90 before 0930 on Mondays to Fridays). Just ask your driver for a DAY ticket.

DAY can be used all around Keighley and on theSHUTTLE into Bradford, Aireline into Leeds, the 62 to Ilkley and Otley, and many more. You can also use a K DAY on Mainline M4 between Keighley and Colne, and on the Witchway between Skipton and Barnoldswick.


Where will your Daytripper take you? Our network wide ticket means you can travel on any Transdev bus in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Manchester. Shopping, sightseeing, hiking from city to town to countryside with no boundaries; you asked, and now we can take you there. You can be a lone ranger or save as a group of up to 5 adults.


Daytripper is valid for travel on any Transdev bus in Lancashire and Yorkshire, except on Cityzap and Coastliner. 

Daytripper costs just £10 for an adult; £6.60 for a child and £19 for a group of up to 5 adults.

Daytripper Plus

Upgrade to Daytripper Plus if you're travelling on Cityzap and Coastliner.

Daytripper Plus costs just £17 for an adult; £11.30 for a child, and £30 for a group of up to 5 adults.

All Daytripper tickets can be used all day, any day of the week - simply buy from your driver or through our app, Transdev Go. 

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