Mainline Children and young people

Fares for Young People in West Yorkshire

Young people who live in West Yorkshire and wish to travel at a reduced rate on journeys wholly within West Yorkshire will need to purchase the appropriate pass from Metro.

Visit the Young People page under Tickets & Passes on the METRO website.

Some types of Metro tickets for young people also allow travel at a reduced rate between North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire; these tickets are also valid for journeys wholly within North Yorkshire.

Our Young Person's SuperSaver and Student SuperSaver tickets do not entitle the holder to travel at a reduced fare when making a journey wholly within West Yorkshire.

New BOB around on the bus – reduced fares for young people in North Yorkshire

Meet BOB - a smartcard that gives you a saving of around a third off the full adult bus fare. Just place BOB on our ticket machine, tell the driver where you want to go and travel cheaper! As well as using it on your journeys to and from school or college, you can BOB out in the evenings, at the weekend and during the holidays too – saving you even more. And that's not all – look out for BOB bonuses coming very soon which can give you discount at selected places or freebies!

Now for the rules…

BOB replaces our old paper Young Person Supersaver and Student SuperSaver cards.

If you are aged between 11 and 18, you can travel with BOB for the discounted rate until the day before your 19thbirthday. If you are a full time student who is over 19 you can travel with BOB and get a discount, but you will have to carry your college ID.

BOB entitles you to the lower young person's fares on most services except those wholly within West Yorkshire. For these journeys you'll need a METRO pass – see above for more details.

You can find an application form for the new BOB smartcard here 

Aged under 5

Up to 3 children aged under 5 may travel free of charge with each fare-paying customer. (This includes anyone who has bought a ticket on the bus or who has a prepaid ticket.)

Aged 5 to 10 inclusive

Children aged between 5 and 10 may travel at the child fare, without proof of age. Generally our staff will assume that all primary school children are within this age group, but parents of children within this age group may wish to consider getting a BOB card to prove entitlement.

City of York

If you live in the City of York you may purchase and use our BOB tickets (as above). Alternatively, you may choose to obtain a YOzone card from City of York Council, which is valid for travel on all bus companies' services within the City of York area. YoZone Cards have the same validity as BOB for journeys outside City of York.

Fares for Young People in Lancashire

The details above about use of the BOB smart card in North Yorkshire also apply for journeys between North Yorkshire and Lancashire.

From Sunday 1st September 2013 there's a new simpler and cheaper travel scheme for under 19's travelling in Lancashire called Ugo.  If you start your journey on a Transdev service in Lancashire, we can still offer some great savings on fares for children and young people, but you'll no longer need any ID. For more details visit


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